Advantages And Disadvantages Of Early Retirement

Every once in a while there is an uproar in societies concerning retirement. Governments decide to push age when one is eligible for pension further and further away and many people ask themselves whether it is better to retire now, when they can do it, and get more of a spare time or to postpone this decision and get more money out of it. It is a very serious issue and many elder people face it waging advantages and disadvantages.

One of the most important factors that push people toward the decision of early retirement is a possibility of actually having a free time. Throughout the years people who were working eight hours a day, often in irregular hours simply do not have time to pursue their hobbies or settle down a bit. Work was their life, everything else was just an addition but there was not enough time to commit to anything beyond job. Private life, friends, dreams had to be put aside but by retiring early it can all be reversed.

What is more, thanks to early retirement people can limit stress and as a result have a better health condition. It is no secret that every day at work is a constant period of pressure from clients, boss and one’s coworkers. It is a rat race to be better, faster, more efficient. All these can lead to heart failure, especially in mid 50’s and 60’s, strokes and other major disorders. By retiring as soon as it is possible one’s is capable to simply life longer.

On the other hand working for a few years longer, later one gets much better pension. Because of this, it is not a problem to afford a journey one has been dreaming whole life or get that “one” car. Moreover it is always nice to buy presents and gifts for christmas for children and grandchildren just to see them happy. Money is important, if not the most important so most people choose to work for a couple more years and lead more comfortable life later.

Furthermore, it is important to look not only at yourself but also at one’s friends. Many of them may still be working so it won’t be possible to spend time with them anymore and what is even more important there will be nothing more to talk about. Most people can chat for hours about their work but once it is no longer a common topic, what is left to talk about?

There are both advantages and disadvantages of early retirement. People differ between each other and there is no definite recipe that says whether it is better to stop working early or not. Every one of us is different and has different priorities. For some it is money for others free time to spend with friends but in these troubled times people that have this choice should consider themselves lucky.

Lordaeron’s Fall

The day was silent. Much like any other day since the war has ended. Streets of Lordaeron bathed in the rays of sunshine and swept by a spring wind blowing from the mountains that surround the city to the east. Its citizen crowded on the market trying to earn whatever they can just to provide their families with food and most necessary supplies. Yet, despite this being a market day, the air was filled with grief and silence. It has been over a year since their beloved prince sailed north to end the evil that still threatened their homeland.

Prince Arthas was a rightful heir to the throne of Lordaeron, the most powerful of human kingdoms. Once the third war began, he stood valiantly as one of the commanders of the allied forces and fought bravely to throw back enemies from his father’s kingdom. When this goal was reached, at one time flourishing and full of life, Lordaeron was no more than a mere shadow of its former glory with most of its inhabitants perished or taken captive. Upon realizing the cost of war, young prince decided to take his vengeance on this mortal enemy of his kingdom and with half of his armies, against his father’s , the king’s will, he sailed for a distant land of Northrend where his destiny was to be fulfilled. And no information about him or his armies were heard ever since. Until that day.

When King Terenas learned about his son’s return, he immediately ordered preparations to be made. Kingdom cherished and young children who have been spared horrors of war, were running through the streets with wooden swords pretending to be prince Arthas. It all reminded old king what Lordaeron used to look like no so long before. Life itself seemed to return to the city and along with it, hope for a better future.

Sun was at its highest point and there was not even a single cloud to be seen that day. Bells were heard through the city, announcing the return of the prince. When he entered the city through the main gate, thousands of rose petals covered his way to the throne room and to his father. His golden hair rested on his shoulders, maybe a little more pale than before the war, but in his magnificent black armour he still looked kingly. Yet there was something strange about him. He returned alone with just two of his personal bodyguards clad in black armour as well and not even once he looked at the people who greeted him so warmly on the streets.

Upon entering the throne room, Arthas knelt down before his father. Terenas studied him closely and felt joy fulfilling his body. His son was everything a father could have hoped for. An honorable man, a victor, defender of the realm and a faithful knight kneeling in all his glory supported only by his longsword. After all these days, he was finally back home. The old man descended from his throne to welcome his son. It was then, when Prince Arthas stood up, came closer to his father, his longsword still in hand, when he looked his father into his eyes. It was obvious that something has changed inside him. His look sinister, full of hatred… and death. Arthas’s longblade met the flesh of his father’s body and pierced it through his ringmail. The King’s dying face was full of confusion and grasping the last breath he muttered:

“What are you doing my son?”

Then without even blinking, Arthas answered with ghostly voice.

“Succeeding you”

… and drew his runeblade from his father’s body with a terrible sound. Sound of th falling kingdom.